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The 2019/2020 bushfire season in Victoria  was exceptional in size and impact, and scientists suggest that Victoria will see increasing bushfire hazards as the impacts of climate change accelerate. The Land Information and Spatial Services branch of the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning wants to ensure that comprehensive spatial data is easily available to support ongoing recovery, as well as planning and research to improve our resilience in the face of future hazards.

The branch is responsible for providing accessible foundational spatial data services through Vicmap, coordinating the acquisition of aerial photography and elevation data, and leading industry engagement activities that connect government, community and business customers with spatial services.

Many spatial datasets are available through online interactive web mapping platforms including DELWP’s Mapshare.

For web map services or spatial data downloads, a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software package is usually required. A commonly used, free and open-source GIS package is QGIS.

The Coordinated Imagery Program (CIP) acquired post-fire four band (RGBI) aerial photography to help with fire recovery operations. Rural areas were captured at 20 cm resolution, and 10 cm over fire effected towns and DELWP priority areas. This imagery is under a six-month release embargo but may eventually be made available to interested users.

Key spatial data websites

Technical issues

If you are experiencing issues connecting to web services, downloading spatial data, or have questions about a spatial dataset, please contact the GIS Help Desk.

Imagery or elevation data and acquisitions

  • If your organisation is a partner or subscriber to the Coordinated Imagery Program, or interested in procuring new imagery or elevation data over bushfire-affected areas, please email the Coordinated Imagery Program.
  • Older imagery and elevation data is available to other users from providers and resellers listed on the commercial licensing page.

Page last updated: 14/09/22