29 April 2021

Land Use Victoria, in collaboration with the surveying industry, has defined an agreed Single CAD Format File (SCFF) file to supplement Victorian cadastral plans and surveys lodged in SPEAR. This establishes a critical building block for the creation of ePlans (LandXML).

The benefits of the SCFF include:

  • Industry standards and consistency in CAD files that supports cadastral plans and surveys supplied in SPEAR
  • Faster updating of Vicmap Property with new plan and survey information.
  • Creation of ePlan LandXML files by directly uploading the SCFF into the ePlan Creation Service. This is scheduled to be piloted later in the year.

Webinars were held with the surveying industry to update on progress and receive feedback. The first round was in November 2020 and the second in February 2021.

The webinars were a great opportunity to promote the SCFF, showcase the development of the ePlan Creation Service and demonstrate the technical details that underpin the project, including the SCFF Validation Service, data viewer, naming conventions and data requirements.

The SPEAR website has been updated with supporting materials to help surveyors start using the SCFF:

The SCFF Validation Service is now available for surveyors to validate the Drawing Exchange Format (DXF) file to ensure compliance with the SCFF requirements.

Users will need to make sure that the SCFF-compliant DXF files are supplied in SPEAR using the Digital Survey Geometry functionality, which supports existing PDF applications.

A pilot for the ePlan Creation Service is proposed to begin in the second half of 2021. To participate in the pilot, surveyors must be able to demonstrate the adoption of the SCFF CAD systems and be able to produce validated DXF files. Further details regarding the pilot will be sent directly to surveying firms.

The SPEAR Service Desk provides support to industry on the SCFF and ePlan Creation Service. If you have any questions or comments, please contact the SPEAR Service Desk on (03) 9194 0612 or by email spear.info@delwp.vic.gov.au.

The SPEAR and ePlan teams acknowledge the Surveyor-General Victoria, the Institution of Surveyors Victoria, Consulting Surveyors Victoria and Surveying Spatial Sciences Institute, for their support in the development of the SCFF.

We look forward to continued collaboration with the surveying industry through the next phase of the adoption of the SCFF and the ePlan Creation Service.

Page last updated: 15/06/22