The Department of Transport and Planning is making it easier to access up-to-date Victorian foundational spatial data with the new Vicmap as a Service (VaaS).

VaaS users can access Victorian foundational spatial data in the cloud via web services and APIs, as an alternative to traditional methods such as downloads and file transfer.

VaaS customers can seamlessly integrate their spatial infrastructure with Vicmap and access near real-time data.

It also allows users to select and download the data when they need it, rather than downloading the entire dataset. This can mean efficiency savings to systems and processes, especially for customers using large volumes of Vicmap data.

Who can use VaaS?

VaaS is available to all users of spatial data, including government, private enterprise, research and academia.

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Why use VaaS?

VaaS includes highly scalable and easily consumable REST services and web feature services (WFS) via APIs.

Vicmap products are continuously maintained, with new updates available as often as weekly. Using APIs is an easy and convenient way for customers who regularly require these dynamic datasets to access the most current version.

VaaS does not include Vicmap Imagery datasets.

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Page last updated: 22/02/24