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About cadastral surveying

Cadastral surveying is the discipline of land surveying that relates to the definition or re-establishment of land parcel boundaries.

Cadastral surveying involves interpreting and advising on:

  • boundary locations
  • the status of land, and
  • the rights, restrictions and interests in property

This information is recorded for use on plans, maps and other documentation. Accurately recording the information is an important part of the cadastral surveying discipline.

Cadastral surveying also involves the physical delineation of property boundaries and determination of dimensions, areas and certain rights associated with properties. This is regardless of whether they are on land, water or defined by natural or artificial features.

Land status in Victoria

Land in Victoria is classified as being either freehold or Crown land.

Freehold land is land owned  under the Torrens title or general law land ownership systems.

Crown land is public land under the control of the State government. This includes land reserved for a particular public purpose.

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Why are cadastral surveys performed?

Cadastral surveys are generally performed to:

  • Subdivide land into two or more parcels.
  • Re-establish boundaries of previously surveyed properties to:
    • determine the physical extent of the land, or
    • facilitate the transfer of the property.

Who can undertake a cadastral survey?

The law states that cadastral surveys must be performed or supervised by a practising licensed surveyor. Surveyors are licensed under the Surveying Act 2004, and must comply with the relevant regulations, practice directives and best practice guidelines when performing the work and preparing the associated plans and survey documents.

The government and community entrust licensed surveyors to maintain and protect the integrity of the cadastre, which underpins economic development through confidence in the property market.

The Surveyor-General of Victoria undertakes a survey audit program to ensure licensed surveyors comply with the requirements for cadastral surveys.

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