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Anyone can initiate a naming proposal, but there are particular requirements for naming authorities, including:

  • municipal councils
  • emergency services
  • government departments and authorities

What your proposal should include

Generally, a proposal should include the following information:

  • the proposed name
  • the location of the road or feature, including a map (and, if relevant, its current name)
  • background information on why the naming authority should consider naming or changing the name or boundary, e.g. why the proposed name is considered appropriate (include any history, local or cultural relevance)
  • the reason for the proposal (why the current name is not considered appropriate or any other relevant information)
  • contact details of the proposer(s) and information on public consultation that has occurred and/or support and non-support that has been gathered from community members or groups
  • a statement saying that the proposed name conforms to the relevant principles and requirements in the naming rules.

The Naming rules

For more information on how to meet Section 10 requirements, visit the Naming rules.

There is also guidance on how to develop a proposal for specific situations.

Page last updated: 11/07/23