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What is the Digital Twin Victoria program?

The Digital Twin Victoria program is a record $37.4 million investment in digital twin technology, geospatial data and spatial innovation over 4 years.

The program is helping to set the digital foundations for a future-ready Victoria, using data to answer new questions and make better data-led decisions.

Our vision is to create Victoria online by 2024, so that government, industry and the community can collaborate through shared open data, technology and algorithms, to enhance real world outcomes and position the State as the data and innovation capital of the region.

Our program will unlock value to Victorians through:

  • Economic recovery through digital workflows that reduce red tape
  • Smarter, faster government services through digital data and platforms
  • Stronger, more resilient communities through spatial technology

Digital Twin Victoria will help to strengthen Victoria’s digital capabilities delivering a long-term vision that includes:

  • Improved whole of government collaboration and governance
  • Developing future-ready skills and capability
  • Easy access to high-quality datasets
  • Increased focus on analytics saving time and money
  • Exceptional customer experience
  • Future ready digital infrastructure

Program structure

The Digital Twin Victoria program is structured across 7 streams of work that bring together new foundational data and cutting-edge technical capability, high-quality datasets and intelligent analytics to leverage a new era in digital twin technology.

Advanced Earth Observation

We are using our new geospatial panel to invest in new statewide datasets that are needed for accurate 3D visualisation and analysis. This includes undertaking the largest-ever LiDAR survey conducted by the Victorian Government that will provide a 100 times improvement on existing elevation data.

We’re also working on ways to make data from data using machine-learning, enabling the creation of new datasets such as 3D buildings and vegetation layers.

DTV platform

We have designed the DTV platform to underpin the DTV program, providing access to an extensive catalogue of open data from across local, state and federal government. The integrated visualisation service is capable of displaying 2D, 3D, time dynamic, and real-time data through the web browser. Learn more about the DTV platform.

Digital Twin Utilities

We are developing tools to help streamline access to utility information across the lifecycle of major infrastructure projects in Victoria. This will help speed up delivery and make collaboration with project partners easier. It will also mean that after a project is finished, we can recycle utilities data to empower broader industry stakeholders.

Automated Approvals

We are building a new generation of digital tools that demonstrate the power to streamline lengthy assessment processes by automating checks against building and planning codes using digital twin technology. The eComply tool reduces housing approvals timeframes by pre-checking 3d digital housing designs against selected building and planning codes. Learn more about eComply.

Faster Subdivision Registration 

We are implementing new digital tools and workflows including the transition to digital plans of subdivision and digital examination techniques will reduce registration timeframes for new plans of subdivision. This includes the launch of the industry-leading ePlan portal, which is moving Victoria closer to a fully digital land administration. Learn more about ePlan.

Enhanced Disaster Response

We are maximising value from state-wide satellite imagery and 3D datasets by using machine learning to improve the completeness of Vicmap foundational datasets and solve complex environmental data problems. In addition, we are building a proof of concept of a Routable Vicmap dataset designed to improve outcomes for bushfire and emergency response.

Digital Twin for Asset Management

We are building the foundations to bring Victoria’s built assets together into a single, information-rich, 3D platform. This allows better understanding, communication, visualisation and decision-making in relation to our built environment. We will achieve this via efficient and secure information and model management, and the development of consistent standards, workflows, and guidelines.

Partnership and collaboration opportunities

The Digital Twin Program is built on the principle of strong collaboration and partner engagement to help grow Victoria’s digital twin ecosystem.

We are working with partners from across government, industry, and research to leverage our technology, analytics, and insights, and expand the data available in the DTV platform. These applications are helping to fast-track digital transformation and deliver benefits for our communities.

Digital twin technologies can be applied in a wide range of contexts, including:

  • Scenario modelling for infrastructure development
  • Analysing business opportunities
  • Real-time data for emergency management
  • Evidence based regulatory decision-making
  • Capability building for workforce development
  • Planning and investment by local government
  • Support for community projects
  • and more.

To find out more about partnering with us, email the DTV team
Learn more about the DTV platform.

Case study: Ararat Spotlight project

We’re partnering with the Ararat Rural City Council (ARCC) to help fast-track their smart city strategy.

Working together with ARCC we’re identifying opportunities to make local data more powerful by combining it with the thousands of datasets already in the DTV platform.

This will include using the platform to bring together and visualise local real-time sensor data, local planning permit data, with DTV platform data, making it easier to plan and manage their region.

Learn more about the DTV program:

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