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What is Vicmap?

Vicmap is Victoria’s state-wide portfolio of authoritative spatial data products. Our vision is to unlock the power of location for all Victorians.

Vicmap is the DNA of government land and property. They are the #1 datasets on Data.Vic and accessed more than 100 million times a year across our platforms.

It is the unifying connection between things, systems, people and the environment and important for the realisation of economic, social, and environmental benefits.

For more statistics, visit our Vicmap Consumer Insights Dashboard.

A more spatially accurate Vicmap

Vicmap is the state’s premier digital representation of land-related data.

Since 2019, Land Use Victoria’s Digital Cadastre Modernisation program has been working to improve the accuracy of Vicmap using digitised survey measurements and aerial imagery.

Upon completion, 97% of the state’s 3.3 million land parcels and spatial features will be represented in a substantially more accurate position in Vicmap with respect to absolute positioning.

Read more in the factsheet below.

How we manage data

The Vicmap suite is sourced from hundreds of individual datasets that are integrated to form a portfolio of fundamental spatial themes.

We operate a data custodian model working with a network of data custodians including Victoria’s 79 Local Government Authorities to aggregate and continuously maintain data.

As well as sourcing data directly through the land sub-divisions process, authorised data custodians can suggest edits to Vicmap at any time via the Vicmap Editing Service.

Our maintenance process means that Vicmap is the most authoritative, statewide foundational suite of spatial data for Victoria.

Vicmap is managed by the Department of Transport and Planning (DTP).

Read more about what we do in maps and spatial data at DTP.

How to access Vicmap

DTP provides easy access to Vicmap data through a number of digital services:

  • Datashare
  • Data.vic.gov.au
  • Digital Twin Victoria
  • Vicmap as a Service
  • Vicmap Topographic Maps online
  • Vicmap Viewer
  • Vicmap Basemaps
  • Image Web Server (for government users only)

Read more in how to access spatial data.

Who can use Vicmap?

Vicmap products are available to all users of spatial data. This includes government, private enterprise, research and academia.

Key uses include:

  • Emergency preparedness, response and recovery
  • Environmental management and protection
  • Infrastructure planning and development
  • Land use planning, precinct and region design
  • Economic growth and digital innovation
  • Liveability and smart city technology

Explore the Vicmap catalogue.

Vicmap terms and definitions

DTP uses Esri Support GIS Dictionary for terms and definitions. Additional and supporting terms and definitions may apply for Vicmap products.

A reference guide for Vicmap terms and definitions (DOCX, 209.2 KB) is available.

Download the Vicmap terms and definitions

Our strategy

Vicmap is responding to the latest trends in geospatial information management.

We’re exploring new data sources, analytical methods and ways to use technological advances to help build the digital infrastructure Victoria will need in the future.

Our strategic priorities include:

  • Rich and dynamic content: Adding detail and attributes through strategic collaborations.
  • Streamlined delivery:  streamline the delivery and integration of data to enable customers to get the data they need, in the format they want.
  • Seamless integration: ensuring different spatial data sources are compatible and internally consistent so they can easily and reliably integrate.
  • Analysis-ready data: Delivering standardised data that is available immediately and easy for customers to use.
  • Growing spatial capability: Strengthening our capabilities, addressing skills shortages and excelling in new digital ways of working
  • Customer at the centre: Placing our customers at the centre of our value chain.

Our history

Vicmap has been a part of the state’s primary mapping system since 1975.

Take a journey through maps, spatial data and time in our history of Vicmap storymap.

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