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The Department of Transport and Planning (DTP) makes an extensive range of spatial data available to the public. Many of the datasets are available as open data under a Creative Commons license.

We encourage the use of our spatial data across all sectors and industries including commerce, research and education. We also make data available to other departments and agencies to inform location-based decision-making. Read more in what we do.

You can find spatial data from across all DTP service areas including: climate change, environment, energy, forests and reserves, Forest Fire Management Victoria, heritage, planning, land registration, marine and coasts, wildlife, water and catchments.

Types of spatial data available

  • Vector
    • Points, lines and polygons
  • Aspatial tables
  • Raster
    • Grid
    • Point cloud
    • Contour
    • Aerial photography
    • Satellite imagery

About Vicmap

We aggregate, manage and deliver Vicmap, the state’s authoritative foundational spatial data.

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Access spatial data

Find out how to search, order and download spatial data from across DTP.

Page last updated: 11/07/23