The Greater Melbourne LiDAR project is the largest contiguous LiDAR collection undertaken over Melbourne. The project comprises all of Melbourne’s urban and peri-urban regions, representing the most accurate and consistent depiction of Melbourne’s ground surface, tree cover, and built environment to date.

For quality assurance, the project pioneered the QA4LiDAR software developed by Frontier SI, allowing a range of automated quality checks to ensure consistency throughout the 13,000 km2 extent.

The currency, accuracy and point density of this data continue to support a multitude of land and infrastructure management activities including site investigations, flood mapping, vegetation mapping, surface modelling and land surface change detection.

Extent: 13,000 km2
Point density: 8 pts/m2 (first returns)
Colourised: No
Coordinated reference system: Available in GDA94 & GDA2020, MGA55
Elevation products: LAS 1.2, DEM

Availability: Licensed via

Partner agencies: Melbourne Water and Coordinated Imagery Program (CIP), Department of Transport and Planning (DTP).

View elevation glossary (DOCX, 140.1 KB).

A screen capture of the web browser preview of greater Melbourne LiDAR data. A menu on the left hand side shows options to customise the data. The main screen shows terrain in shades of orange, vegetation in green, water in blue and buildings in red.
A visual of the greater Melbourne LiDAR sample data available for download or preview via web browser.

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