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While councils are the key naming authorities, members of the general public and community interest groups can submit a proposal  to name a road, feature or locality (suburb). This includes amending a locality’s boundaries.

Refer to list of features accepted for registration (Excel, 1.6 MB).

The following information will help you understand the process to make a naming proposal.

Submitting a proposal has several key steps. Make sure you have all the information you need to complete the process before you start.

  1. Contact the relevant council or relevant  naming authority for advice before submitting a proposal. Some naming authorities may have their own policies or guidelines, and naming rules may need to be applied.
  2. Refer to Section 6: Initiating a proposal of the naming rules for further information on how to submit a proposal . You can use a checklist that helps ensure you provide all the required information to the naming authority.
  3. Submit your proposal to the council or naming authority responsible for the road, feature or locality.

Proposals should include the following information

  • proposed name
  • location of the road or feature, including a map
  • background information on why the naming authority should consider the proposed name. For example, why the proposed name is considered appropriate (include any history, cultural or local relevance)
  • reasons for the application. For example, why the current name is not considered appropriate or any other relevant information)
  • contact details of the proposer(s)
  • information on public consultation that has occurred
  • documentation of support or that has been gathered from community members or groups
  • statement saying that the proposed name conforms to the relevant principles and requirements in the naming rules
  • If the proposal is in the form of a petition it must include the information above. Refer to the naming rules glossary for the definition and requirements of a petition.

Once a proposal has been submitted to the naming authority, no further action is required.

You will only be contacted if the naming authority:

  • requires more information, or
  • seeks to involve the public or an interest group in the process.

When the naming authority receives the application, they will consider the application based on its merits and determine if a formal proposal will commence.

Geographic Names Victoria can provide advice on the naming process and compliance with the naming rules. If the application is considered to be of greater than local significance, then we may recommend referral to the Geographic Place Names Advisory Panel.

Download guides on how to name a place

Your main guide to place naming in Victoria is the naming rules:

Get started by reading Section 6 - Initiating a proposal:

  • Section 6.1 - Initiating a proposal
  • Section 6.2 - Naming proposal process

You may also need to check the following sections:

  • APPENDIX C Checklist
  • Section 1.5.5 - Geographic Place Names Advisory Panel and committees
  • Glossary definition and requirements of a petition

How to respond to a naming proposal

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