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Land Use Victoria (LUV) is part of the Department of Transport and Planning.

We are the state’s key agency for:

We aim to facilitate better use of land in Victoria through authoritative, comprehensive and easily accessible services. We work towards developing innovative solutions for all the areas we’re responsible for.

We’re responsible for many things, including the state’s public registers of land and water. These are trusted sources of information on Victorian ownership and interests.

Many people rely on our wide range of mapping products and spatial services. Surveyors access our cadastral (property boundary) maps. Information specialists access our live data. Bushwalkers take our interactive apps on their treks.

We provide property, asset and lease valuations for all government departments and agencies. We also give valuation advice to government agencies. Councils use our valuation services to determine rates.

We provide surveys for major government infrastructure projects and define property boundaries. Surveyors rely on our technical guidelines as we regulate and monitor the competence of licensed surveyors.

We manage the public register of Victorian geographic names and ensure the naming rules are upheld for all the state's roads, features and localities.

Finally, we provide government land policy, advice and oversight through the Victorian Government Land Monitor. This plays an important role in critically and independently analysing proposed government land transactions to keep them fair and transparent.

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Page last updated: 19/12/23