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Certification of a plan

In some cases, Licensed Surveyors are required to prepare original plans (OP) and/or title plans (TP) for Crown Grant purposes and certification by the Surveyor-General Victoria.

Where required, Licensed Surveyors must follow Regulation 14 of the Surveying (Cadastral Surveys) Regulations 2015 and certify the plan as per Schedule 2 or 3 of the regulations.

How to lodge

Original plans and title plans must be prepared in a standard manner and can be lodged with the Surveyor-General Victoria through SPEAR.

For the SPEAR application to progress, the surveyor must ensure the responsible government agency submits a request to Surveyor-General Victoria asking for the application to be accepted and examined.

Plan templates

Surveyors may use any software to produce original plans and title plans.

The following templates are for Licensed Surveyors to help produce, prepare and lodge original plans and title plans in SPEAR.

Before opening the templates, LISCAD users may need to import Arial font.

These are not a full list nor a preference but are examples of common electronic formats and software used by the industry.

Page last updated: 21/05/24