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The Department of Transport and Planning (DTP) retains the intellectual property and usage rights for all high-resolution imagery and elevation (LiDAR point cloud) datasets acquired by the Coordinated Imagery Program.

Private businesses interested in providing this data to the general public on commercial terms can negotiate a commercial licence through the Coordinated Imagery Program.

Commercialisation may involve:

  • direct sale of the datasets, or
  • use of the data within other value-added products

There are two categories of commercial licensees:

  • Data Service Providers (DSPs) offer direct sale of data sets. They supply source data without further enhancements
  • Value Added Retailers (VARs) use the data to create new products and services. This includes advisory services and new knowledge products

Find out more about becoming a provider

To find out more about becoming a provider (DSP) or retailer (VAR) for our imagery or elevation datasets, please email us at the Coordinated Imagery Program.

See our current list of providers and retailers

Page last updated: 16/08/23