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What is the M1 form?

The M1 (maintenance) form standardises property and address information submitted by Local Government Authorities for inclusion in Vicmap data.

Local government data custodians can suggest edits to Vicmap at any time, including bulk change requests using the M1 form.

M1 Validator

The Vicmap Editing Service (VES) now includes an inbuilt change validator to verify M1 forms.

By validating M1 maintenance forms before they are submitted, we can identify invalid records up front and provide the opportunity to make corrections.

This makes the maintenance process more efficient and reduces turn-around times.

The M1 Validator will automatically be called once an M1 has been loaded into VES. This process is reliant on the standard M1_V12_20120430 format. Any variation to this format will be incompatible with the M1 Validator processing.

Read more on the M1 Validator release.

Launch VES

M1 documentation

Download the standard M1 format that is compatible with the VES M1 Validator. The latest M1 documentation file can also be downloaded from here.

Page last updated: 07/09/23