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Members of the public are encouraged to participate in the naming process. This includes responding to a naming proposal.

Proposals for new place names or changes to existing naming, may have an direct or indirect effect on residents and the wider community.

Changes in your street or in your local community might have a direct effect on you. For example, changes to:

  • your address number
  • road name
  • suburb or locality

Changes in the wider community may also affect you indirectly. For example, renaming  places or features like a:

  • new road
  • bridge
  • park

The information for residents below will help you to understand what role you can play in the process, this includes:

  • what to do if council contacts you
  • how naming proposals may affect you
  • how to support or object to a proposal
  • the process of appeal

About the naming rules

The naming rules sets out step-by-step information on naming, renaming or changing the boundaries of roads, features and localities in Victoria.

Read more on the naming rules:

Page last updated: 18/11/20