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You can access more than 10,000 Vicmap Topographic in different formats for a range of different uses.

Our maps come in 2 formats:

  • Hardcopy
  • Digital (GeoPDF)

You can download GeoPDFs to your mobile device using a specialised mapping app. GeoPDFs have enhanced mapping performance so you can track your location, without the need for internet. Try the Vicmap Viewer or other mapping app.

Access a map

What will my map look like?

Click on the sample mapsheets to view examples of Vicmap Topographic maps.

The samples cover a range of scales and types of information:

Sample custom maps:

Samples are GeoPDFs and can be downloaded onto your smartphone or tablet with Vicmap Viewer or other mapping apps.

How to choose a map

Index map

You can refer to the Vicmap Topographic Mapping Index for the entire range of published hardcopy and digital topographic maps. This covers both the current GDA94 series as well as historic topographic maps.

View the Index Map:


Vicmap Topographic Maps come in a range of scales. You can select the best scale for how you plan to use the map:

  • 1:25,000: for bushwalking, cycling and fossicking
  • 1:30,000: shows the same information as the 1:25,000, but suited to A3 or A4 home printing
  • 1:50,000: for four-wheel driving, bushwalking and camping
  • 1:100,000: for long distance cycling, car touring and day trips

Further information

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