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About the Register of land

The Register of land is the official record for ownership of land in Victoria.

Based on the Torrens system developed in South Australia in 1858, the Register provides a secure, transparent and simplified framework for land ownership and transactions. Read more in About types of land in Victoria.

The Register is made up of individual records called folios that include the following information:

  • The proprietor (owner) of the land
  • A description of the land (lot and plan number)
  • Encumbrances affecting the land, for example mortgages, caveats and leases.

For each folio there is a certificate of title, which may be paper or electronic. The certificate of title is a point in time extract of the Register.

Conducting an online title search of the Register will allow you to see the most up-to-date record for your land. If the certificate of title is electronic, the record will also show who currently manages the electronic certificate of title. Read more in Property and land titles information.

The Registrar of Titles is responsible for the Register under legislation called the Transfer of Land Act 1958.

Modernising the Register

A computerised Register of land was created in 2000 by converting all paper records held by the Registrar of Titles to digital records.

These digital records are now the official Register of land.

Certificates of title

In the past, all certificates of title were printed on parchment and more recently on special paper with security features.

In 2009, electronic certificates of title were introduced to support a faster and simpler, fully electronic conveyancing process. Electronic certificates of title can be held by authorised parties (conveyancers, lawyers and financial institutions) or by the Registrar of Titles.

From 3 August 2024, all new Victorian certificates of title will be electronic. Read more in Phasing out paper certificates of title.

These advancements are important steps to create a future-ready Register of land for Victoria.

Further information

Certain administrative services to maintain the Victorian Register of land are provided by SERV (Secure Electronic Registries Victoria). For more information visit the SERV website.

Land transactions can be complex. Whether you are buying, selling or dealing with land in another capacity, we highly recommend that you consult an Australian Legal Practitioner or Licensed Conveyancer.

Page last updated: 02/05/24