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About the Victorian Cadastral Surveys Practice Directives

The Victorian Cadastral Surveys Practice Directives provide guidance to licensed surveyors on how to interpret the legislative requirements for cadastral surveys and the processes to follow when performing them.

All cadastral surveys undertaken after 27 July 2018 must comply with the  practice directives. The directives incorporate provisions for connecting to the Geocentric Datum of Australia 2020 (GDA2020).

The directives also discuss the connection of cadastral surveys to the Survey Control Network (SCN), the preparation of survey documents by a licensed surveyor and other matters relating to cadastral surveying.

Example survey documents

The following are examples of survey documents that are routinely prepared by licensed surveyors in Victoria.

They provide guidance for the level of information and standard of presentation we expect in survey documents lodged at Land Use Victoria

Checklist for the submission of Records of having re-established a cadastral boundary (RE Plans) through SPEAR

Listing of Crown special descriptions

Further information

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