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The Surveyor-General of Victoria

The position of Surveyor-General of Victoria has historical significance and has played a major role in land settlement and land administration within the state. Victoria’s first Surveyor-General was Robert Hoddle who was appointed after separation from New South Wales in 1851.

The Surveyor-General of Victoria is the primary government authority on land surveying and the cadastre (land property boundaries and tenure).

In Victoria, the Surveyor-General of Victoria:

  • sets and monitors standards for land surveying
  • monitors surveying matters affecting the cadastre
  • advises the Minister and the community on surveying matters

The Surveyor-General of Victoria also provides high-level advice to Department of Transport and Planning on matters relating to land surveying, the survey infrastructure, the positioning system and the cadastre.

Governance roles

The Surveyor-General of Victoria plays a key governance role in Victoria and is also:

  • chair of the Surveyors Registration Board of Victoria
  • a Commissioner for Electoral Boundaries in Victoria
  • a member of the Federal Redistribution Committee for Victoria
  • a State Verifying Authority for the measurement of length

Surveyor-General Victoria (SGV)

The Surveyor-General of Victoria oversees the division of Surveyor-General Victoria (SGV) within Land Use Victoria.

The operational teams and primary functions include:

Cadastral Infrastructure and Standards

  • Land surveying services and advice for Government infrastructure projects and land dealings
  • Regulation and monitoring of cadastral surveying in Victoria

Crown Survey Approval

  • Determining and approving Crown land boundaries and Government road alignments
  • Plan drafting services for Government infrastructure projects and land dealings
  • Crown land status and record management


  • Positioning infrastructure including GNSS CORS and survey control mark networks
  • Survey mark information services
  • Survey equipment calibration services
  • High precision geodetic surveys

Secretariat, Surveyors Registration Board of Victoria (SRBV)

  • Executive and secretarial support to the SRBV
  • Maintenance of the Register of Licensed Surveyors
  • Administration of graduate training and professional development programs for surveyors

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