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What naming authorities do

Naming authorities are responsible for submitting naming proposals that comply with the naming rules for places in Victoria to the Registrar of Geographic Names.

The Naming rules

The Victorian naming process, procedures and rules are based on national standards and policies. They provide a strong basis for standardised and unambiguous naming procedures across the state.

They have been developed through detailed consultation with councils, government departments, emergency agencies and public service providers.

What is a naming authority?

Naming authorities are usually responsible for a road or feature within their jurisdiction.

Due to the variety of roads, features or localities that can be named, there are multiple types of naming authorities:

  • councils
  • government departments
  • authorities, private or traditional owner organisations

The role may also apply when not responsible for the maintenance of a road or feature:

  • Crown Land Committees of Management
  • Leased/licensed facilities with maintenance obligations.

Page last updated: 10/07/24