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About the requirements

The Victorian Survey Control Requirements provide guidance to surveyors for the maintenance and enhancement of survey control mark infrastructure and information.

General requirements are specified for:

  • monumentation and distribution of survey control mark infrastructure
  • conduct of control surveys
  • submission of data for integration in the Victorian Survey Control Network (SCN) and Victorian Levelling Network (VLN)

These requirements are intended to support the specification of survey control requirements in project contracts for:

  • major infrastructure projects including transport, water and utilities
  • property development for new estates of 10 lots or more
  • airborne remote sensing projects using imagery, LiDAR

This will ensure projects are completed in accordance with survey legislation and standards. The requirements also support ongoing surveying and spatial activities in Victoria.

These requirements were prepared in collaboration with government and private industry.

Importance of survey control mark infrastructure and information

Victoria has a state-wide network of survey control marks which are also referred to as permanent marks. These marks hold accurate coordinate and height information that is aligned to the national datums. They provide a stable point of reference for surveying and spatial activities.

The availability of accurate and reliable survey control mark infrastructure and information is a fundamental component in all surveying projects.

Survey control mark infrastructure and information supports:

  • surveying of property boundaries
  • all phases of the project cycle (including planning, design, construction and as-constructed)
  • ongoing monitoring
  • future surveying and spatial activities
  • alignment with other spatial information
  • increased survey efficiency and reduced duplication of effort

Maintenance and enhancement of survey control marks

Surveyor-General Victoria (SGV) have prepared the following fact sheets to support councils, engineers and surveyors in the collaborative maintenance and enhancement of permanent marks in Victoria.

Submission of GNSS data

Surveyors are encouraged to collect Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) data on survey control marks in Victoria and submit GNSS data to SGV Geodesy for processing and inclusion in the Victorian Survey Control Network. To support surveyors to submit GNSS data, a fact sheet and a sample GNSS data booking sheet template are available.

Read more about geodesy and the work of Survey-General Victoria:

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