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What we do

Land Use Victoria works with agencies to help improve the quality and accessibility of land information, and to link whole-of-government land information.

Accurate and accessible land information

It is important for government to have easy access to accurate land information to:

  • assess public value and utilisation
  • make informed decisions about the use of its land

Sharing information across government helps to:

  • build a picture of land uses and trends
  • create opportunities to deliver better public value

Systems and spatial tools

We are responsible for developing systems and spatial tools that enable better access to information about government land.

We have developed GovMap to provide government:

  • a single database to search for state government-owned land
  • greater transparency in data collection and storage

This helps government to:

  • make better decisions about design and delivery of services
  • foster a knowledge sharing and collaborative culture

Government land analysis

Land Use Victoria conducts regular analysis on the state of government landholdings, to identify:

  • key trends
  • issues
  • opportunities

We also seek to examine and understand the:

  • size and distribution of government landholdings, and
  • how it provides for current and future service delivery needs

Contact us

If you are a government agency or department, you can contact us for more information on government land and how this can support better land use decision making.

Page last updated: 16/08/23