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Surveyor-General Victoria (SGV) staff are committed to serving our customers during the evolving coronavirus (COVID-19) situation.
As a result of current restrictions, there are changes to the standard EDM calibration procedures and facilities. Please refer to the EDM calibration baseline section for further information.

Regulation 6(1)(a) and (b) of the Surveying (Cadastral Surveys) Regulations 2015 requires a licensed surveyor to use survey equipment that has been compared to a standard of measurement. The process and basis of comparison must be adequate to obtain the accuracy required under the regulations.

Regulation 6(2) requires licensed surveyors to retain records of comparisons and make them available for inspection upon request by the Surveyor-General Victoria.

Comparison of EDM equipment

Victorian Cadastral Surveys Practice Directives require electronic distance measurement (EDM) equipment used on any survey to be calibrated:

  • at intervals not exceeding 12 calendar months
  • after every repair to all or part of such equipment
  • by comparison to a baseline approved by the Surveyor-General Victoria.

To help licensed surveyors calibrate EDM equipment, the Surveyor-General Victoria maintains an EDM calibration handbook, EDM calibration software, and six EDM calibration baselines in Victoria.

The EDM calibration handbook

Please download the following documents for information on EDM calibrations:

Meteorological transfer standard corrections

In order to ensure readings from meteorological equipment used in EDM equipment calibration are comparable to the national standards for temperature and pressure, the recorded offset for the baseline standard must be applied as a correction.

These corrections are listed in the table below and must be included on the instrument calibration booking sheet.




















Table last updated 20/12/2022

Pulsed Instruments and instruments with a unit length of zero

For pulsed instruments and instruments with a unit length of zero, the meteorological observations must be entered into the instrument at the time of the calibration.

The unit length, frequency and carrier wavelength are used in the calculation of the meteorological corrections and cyclic errors within the Baseline software. Surveyors can enter the instrument into the register, leave all the details blank and the software will still process the data correctly.

Instrument parameter spreadsheets

The following spreadsheets list instrument-specific parameters to assist surveyors when using the Baseline software to calibrate EDM equipment.

EDM calibration software

To assist surveyors to calibrate EDM equipment against standard baselines, an EDM calibration computer program called Baseline (Version, July 2012) has been made available for public use by the Western Australia's land information authority, Landgate. The Surveyor-General Victoria has adopted this software for calibrating EDM baselines and EDM equipment in Victoria.

Download the latest version of Baseline and distribution file for calibrating EDM equipment against Victoria's baselines:

Please extract zip file contents to a working directory before running the software.

The distribution file available from this link is updated annually following the re-verification of Victoria's baselines.  The EDM Calibration Handbook and online help provide the user with the necessary instructions to run Baseline.

The new version of Baseline has been prepared to overcome difficulties running on 64-bit versions of Windows 7.

If users experience persistent runtime difficulties running Baseline on Windows 7, please contact geodetic survey.

Users who have obtained Baseline directly from Landgate must ensure they have the most up to date Victorian baseline information before reducing their results.

EDM calibration baselines

As a verifying authority for length, Surveyor-General Victoria re-verifies these baselines on an annual basis in accordance with the provisions of the National Measurement Act 1960 and National Measurement Regulations 1999.

The Surveyor-General of Victoria maintains six EDM calibration baselines in Victoria:

Baseline bookings

  • Bookings are required in advance to use the baselines.
  • Refer to individual baseline details for opening hours or closures.
  • Baselines are available for use on weekdays only.
  • Users are required to have their own copies of official booking sheets.
  • No rubbish is to be left behind.
  • All gates must be left in their original position.
  • Pillar caps are to be refitted upon completion.
  • When using non-standard prisms, sighting difficulties may be experienced between pillars. The same type of prism must be used for the observations to achieve a valid calibration.
  • Please bring cleaning supplies and wipe down the ancillary equipment before and after use (umbrellas, pillar cap key)

For general enquiries, please email smes.support@delwp.vic.gov.au.

Page last updated: 21/12/22