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The Vicmap Elevation 1m Digital Elevation Model (DEM) is a mosaic product that delivers the best available 1m DEM data for Victoria through spatial web services.

The spatial web services include terrain, relief, hill shade and footprints.

The data used in the 1m DEM draws from the state's archive of ground surface model datasets known as the Vicmap LiDAR DEMs Collection.

Only datasets meeting 1m resolution and +/- 10cm RMSE vertical accuracy standards are included in the Vicmap 1m DEM.

1m DEM coverage across Victoria.

Technical detail

Vicmap 1m DEM web services

Coordinate systemsWeb Mercator, VicGRID GDA2020, Geographic GDA2020
Vertical datumAHD
Symbology stylesMonochrome surface, coloured and monochrome shaded relief

Vicmap 1m DEM content

SourceAerial LiDAR survey (selected from Vicmap LiDAR DEMs Collection)
Resolution1m or higher
CurrencyRanging from 2009 to present
Vertical accuracy+/-10cm RMSE
Horizontal datumGDA2020
Vertical datumAHD
FormatCloud Optimised GeoTIFF
CoordinatesMGA54 and MGA55
Coverage60% of Victoria

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Licensed Data

Aside from Footprints and FreeView web services, the Vicmap 1m DEM is subject to licensed use. A Data Access License Agreement (DALA) provides the terms and conditions of use, including license fees determined under the Vicmap Elevation subscription model.

Elevation subscriptions also include access to:

  • Vicmap Elevation – LiDAR DEMs Collection
  • Vicmap Elevation – Points Cloud Collection

Please contact vicmap@delwp.vic.gov.au for information on subscriptions.

The Vicmap 1m DEM is currently only available to Government departments and private organisations. Private companies and members of the public enquiries should be directed to Data Service Providers.

Explore services

Explore the two freely available 1m DEM web services:

  • The 1m DEM Footprints service describes the datasets used in the 1m DEM mosaic.
  • The 1m DEM Free Service delivers sample areas of the 1m DEM data as a coloured hill shade.

The Vicmap 1m DEM free web service provides free and open access to selected snippets of Vicmap 1m DEM data around the state. Users can access this service to gauge the detail and quality of data before committing to purchasing a license.

Explore 1m DEM via Free Service viewer

1m DEM image gallery

How to get help

Please contact vicmap@delwp.vic.gov.au for any further information or questions.

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