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What is the VICNAMES register?

You can use the VICNAMES register to search for all official place names in Victoria. It holds more than 200,000 road and 45,000 place names.

This includes:

  • geographic features, such as mountains and rivers
  • bounded localities, such as suburbs, towns, cities
  • regions and physical infrastructure, such as roads, reserves and schools

How to use the VICNAMES register 

You can use the system to:

  • find the name of a place or road in Victoria
  • contribute historical information on place names
  • submit details on geographic features, localities and roads
  • check for duplicate names up to 30 kms as per Principle D in the Naming Rules

For more information, refer to the Guide to VICNAMES register (DOCX, 6.1 MB) .

Open VICNAMES register

Find or add historical information

You can use the historical information button to search or contribute to a place or road name in Victoria.

We will send you an email to verify your submission. Your contact details will remain confidential but we will use them to confirm the details.

This is part of the Australian National Placenames Survey (ANPS) research project and will go to a national register of geographical names.

Read more on how to contribute historical information:

Page last updated: 26/11/20