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About land tax notices

Land tax notices are usually issued between February and May each year. The valuation included in the notice will refer to a valuation as at 1 January of the previous year.

The amount payable in a land tax assessment notice is based on the site value (SV) of a property or the capital improved valuation (CIV) of your land.

Read more about the types of values in valuations for rates and land tax.

Site value and capital improved valuations are made as part of the annual general valuation process by the Valuer-General Victoria or local councils.

Once a general valuation is completed, the State Revenue Office receives all valuations and uses them to calculate land tax and vacant residential land tax.

Land tax

The site value (SV) of your land is used to calculate land tax .

Find out more from the State Revenue Office at sro.vic.gov.au/land-tax.

Vacant residential land tax 

The capital improved value (CIV) of your land is used to calculate vacant residential land tax .

Find out more from the State Revenue Office at sro.vic.gov.au/vacant-residential-land-tax.

Who to contact if you have questions?

Contact the State Revenue Office if you have questions about a land tax assessment notice.

Further information including how to object to your land tax notice is available on the SRO website.

Page last updated: 06/11/20