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The Department of Transport and Planning (DTP) develops and manages a range of spatial data, imagery, mapping products and services.

DTP provides government with spatial data and analysis to bring location intelligence to decision-making. Many of our products and services are also available to the public.

We form partnerships to explore new spatial technology and drive innovation in the Victorian economy. Read more about how we used spatial data to model urban renewal in the Fishermans Bend digital twin.

About maps and spatial data

Because everything happens ‘somewhere’, spatial data provides the foundation to systems we rely on every day. It helps us to understand our past, explore the present and plan for the future.

Maps and spatial data help us navigate our world, change how we build cities, deliver services, run businesses and how we manage and protect our environment .

For example, address data we maintain means Victorian emergency services can find you in an emergency.

Our mapping work in biodiversity means we can help safeguard the habitats of endangered species.

Combining aerial imagery and elevation data helps us chart our coastline to understand the potential impacts of climate change.

Spatial data also provides valuable insights for:

  • Land management and preparation for the bushfire season
  • Rapid and intelligent response to emergencies
  • Environmental modelling and biodiversity
  • Infrastructure development
  • Land use planning
  • Precinct and region design
  • Economic growth and digital innovation
  • Liveability and smart city technology

Read more about DTP service areas on the DTP website.

What’s available

You can access DTP-wide spatial data, including imagery, map products, interactive maps and services, such as:

  • Maps: More than 10,000 Victorian topographic maps are available to explore and download.
  • Interactive mapping tools: We develop and manage mapping tools to help you interact with our spatial data
  • Spatial data and services: We develop and manage a wide range of spatial datasets across all DTP service areas. This includes Vicmap, the state’s foundational spatial data.
  • Imagery: We coordinate the capture of aerial imagery and elevation products by state and local government. These products are available to the public through commercial licencing arrangements.

Our products and services are available to the public. Most of our spatial data is open data and free to access under a Creative Commons license. See individual products and services for access details.

Discover our products and services

Page last updated: 11/07/23