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The Valuer-General is the Victorian Government's authority on statutory valuations.

The Valuer-General oversees valuations for Victorian Government property transactions and rating valuations. This includes valuations for council rates and land tax assessments. The staff at Valuer-General Victoria (VGV) support the Valuer-General in these duties.

VGV also values government assets so departments and agencies can complete their financial reporting.

The Valuer-General has a range of responsibilities set out in the Valuation of Land Act 1960, the Local Government Act 1989 and other relevant legislation.

Responsibilities include:

Making recommendations and providing advice

  • Reviewing and making recommendations for amendments to the Valuation of Land Act 1960.
  • Providing ministerial advice on valuation related issues.

Overseeing standards, quality and compliance

  • Setting and maintaining valuation standards and quality to protect the probity of government property transactions.
  • Managing and auditing contract valuation panels for consistency and compliance with standards
  • Improving and monitoring standards of rating authority valuation practice and methodologies.
  • Auditing performance of municipal valuation contracts through the certification (7A) process following the requirements of the Valuation of Land Act 1960.

Making and managing valuations

  • Undertaking valuations in-house and managing outsourced valuations.

Managing data

  • Compiling the general valuation database for audit and research purposes.

Sharing information with stakeholders

  • Coordinating, compiling and sharing state-wide data on property outcomes with municipalities.
  • Communicating the benefits of valuation best-practice reforms to local government.

Developing the profession

  • Informing and educating industry through VGV programs and initiatives.
  • Advancing industry practices through conferences and education forums.

VGV plays an important role in development projects across government departments and industry. We provide expert advice on valuation and land matters that facilitate progress and decision-making.

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