The Victorian Rivers LiDAR was a flagship project to create baseline river condition data for ongoing river monitoring. LiDAR data was used to generate accurate Digital Elevation Model (DEM) surface representations of river channel form and riparian vegetation attributes for rivers across Victoria totalling over 127,000 linear kilometres in survey length.

Since this project, many subsequent river LiDAR surveys have been conducted, enabling change metrics to be mapped with this evidence-based knowledge. This has ultimately informed how these rivers continue to be managed.

Extent: 127,000 linear kilometres
Point density: 4 pts/m2 (first returns)
Coordinate reference system: GDA94, MGA54 and MGA55, AHD
Elevation products: LAS 1.2, DEM 1 m, CHM 1 m
Vertical accuracy: 20 cm

Availability: Licensed via

Partner agencies:  Department of Environment, Energy and Climate Action (DEECA), Catchment Management Authorities and Coordinated Imagery Program (CIP), Department of Transport and Planning (DTP).

View elevation glossary (DOCX, 140.1 KB).

A screen capture of the web browser preview of Victorian rivers LiDAR data. A menu on the left hand side shows options to customise the data. The main screen shows terrain in shades of orange, vegetation in green with vegetation in grey.
A visual of Victorian rivers LiDAR sample data available for download or preview via web browser.

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