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Vicmap Elevation contour and relief data describes Victoria's landforms and seabed to help you analyse and visualise terrain.

Elevation data can be combined with other data for a wide range of uses to enable more efficient and effective:

  • analysis of landscape sensitivity
  • catchment modelling
  • habitat suitability
State-wide map of Victoria with elevation
The Vicmap Elevation 10m DEM is a raster product that shows the height above sea level for each 10x10m grid cell across the state. Higher areas are shown in the above picture in yellow and red, with low elevations depicted in blue.

How to access data

You can access Vicmap Elevation products from the Data.Vic platform or from our Data Service Providers (DSPs).

See individual products listed below for access links.

For information on new elevation data acquisition, see the Coordinated Imagery Program (CIP).

Find a DSP in how to access spatial data.

Our elevation products

Vicmap Elevation includes 5 products:

  • Digital Elevation Model (DEM) 10m
  • 1-5m Contours & Relief Melbourne Metro
  • State-wide 10-20m Contours & Relief
  • Multi-resolution DEM and Contours
  • Coastal Topographic 1m DEM and 0.5m Contours

Before ordering a product, you can use the following information to compare specifications.

Digital Elevation Model (DEM) 10m

  • Represents Victoria’s terrain at 10m grid resolution.
  • Hydrologically enforced to correctly define the natural surface drainage and hydrological flow.
Vicmap ElevationDEM 10m
Source informationVicmap 10–20 Contours & Relief, updated with various LiDAR projects to improve accuracy in localised areas.
Scale of Capture1:25,000
Special features10m grid resolution
FormatNative format stored as an ESRI Grid (.adf) and available as a GeoTIFF.

Access data:

Available on Data.Vic and Geoscience Australia's ELVIS platform under a Creative Commons license:

Downloads and resources:

1-5m Contours & Relief Melbourne Metro

  • Enables a more detailed contour overlay of the Melbourne metropolitan area.
  • Used for feature and contour surveys, planning applications and broad scale volume estimations.
  • Sourced from the former Melbourne Metropolitan Board of Works surveys from 1970 to1980.
Vicmap Elevation1–5m Contours & Relief
Source informationMelbourne Water
CoverageMetropolitan Melbourne
Scale of Capture1:500 to 1:10,000
Special featuresMostly 1m intervals; some locations have only 2m or 5 m contours.

Access data:

Available under a DELWP Data Access License Agreement.

Visit licensing for more information.

Downloads and resources:

View product metatdata

State-wide 10-20m Contours & Relief

  • Represents Victoria’s elevations in the form of contours, spot heights and surface features including cliffs, embankments and rock outcrops.
  • Used in a variety of applications including emergency services, natural resource management, planning and development, and digital map publication.
Vicmap Elevation10–20 Contours & Relief
Source informationVicmap Topographic Maps
Scale of Capture1:25,000
Special features10m contour intervals (20m in steep terrain), spot heights, surface features (e.g. cliffs and levee banks).

Access data:

Available on Data.Vic under a Creative Commons license:

Downloads and resources:

View product metadata in Spatial Datamart

Multi-resolution DEM and Contours

  • Compilation of project data covering project areas across Victoria, including the coast and major flood plains.
  • Primary data source: LiDAR point clouds at various point densities
  • Derived: Digital Elevation Models (DEM’s) and Contours
Vicmap ElevationMulti – Resolution
Source informationLiDAR & Photogrammetry Surveys
CoverageProject-based; not always seamless between projects.
Scale of CaptureVarious
Special featuresProducts may include DEM, contours or LiDAR Point Clouds.
DatumGDA94 for pre 2020, GDA2020 for after 2020.
FormatSupplied in tiles. Various formats.

Access data:

Downloads and resources:

Coastal Topographic 1m DEM and 0.5m Contours

  • High resolution representation of Victoria’s natural relief features along the coast.
Vicmap ElevationTopographic Coastal 1m DEM & 0.5m Contours
Source informationLiDAR Surveys
CoverageVictorian Coastline up to 10m elevation line.
Scale of CaptureN/A
Special features1m DEM & 0.5m contours
FormatSupplied as 2km square tiles. DEM supplied in XYZ ASCII only. Contours supplied as ESRI Shape or MapInfo formats only.

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Downloads and resources:

How to get help

Vicmap customers and business custodians can contact the Vicmap helpdesk for product information and support.

For more information please visit:

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