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About Vicmap change management

Vicmap change management aims to improve functionality and user experience through standardised procedures that control risk and minimise disruptions to agreed levels of service.

To ensure Vicmap products meet customer needs, the Department facilitates Vicmap Change Management through a committee governed by technical experts.

Vicmap change management focuses on evolving the data structure, metadata and data specifications aligning with Geocentric Datum of Australia and global data theme standards.

What is a Vicmap change notice?

A change notice provides information about changes to Vicmap products or services including:

  • What the change is
  • When it will happen
  • Why it is happening
  • Who needs to know
  • How to provide feedback on change notices that are open for consultation.

How to provide feedback

Vicmap customers and stakeholders are encouraged to provide feedback and submit requests for improvement to Vicmap products.

All requests are logged and considered based on priority, impact and urgency.

For further information & feedback please email vicmap.help@delwp.vic.gov.au

Signup to receive Vicmap change notices

To subscribe, change your email address or unsubscribe, email vicmap@delwp.vic.gov.au.

Open Vicmap change notices

Archived Vicmap change notices

Vicmap Special Bulletins

How to get help

Vicmap customers and business custodians can contact the Vicmap Helpdesk for product information and support.

Vicmap catalogue

Read more about spatial data available in the Vicmap catalogue.

Page last updated: 13/10/21