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About the toolkit

We’ve created a toolkit to help you get ready for the spatially improved Vicmap that will result from Digital Cadastre Modernisation. On this page you can find information to step you through the toolkit.

Launch the toolkit below or read on to further understand how we are helping you get ready.

Readiness Index Tool

Download the Readiness Index Guidelines (DOCX, 2.0 MB)

What is happening?

The Digital Cadastre Modernisation Project (DCM) is a five-year initiative to transform the legacy map of Victoria’s property boundaries into a data-driven, spatially improved, 3D enabled digital representation of the cadastre.

The improved property and parcel boundary positions generated by DCM will be used to spatially improve all Vicmap products.

These improvements will result in changes to Vicmap, reflecting more accurate positions for parcel boundaries in the digital cadastre.

We will start publishing changes to Vicmap from October 2022 and continue through until end 2023.

The following Vicmap products will be changing as the spatially upgraded data becomes available in Vicmap.

Vicmap ProductVicmap Tables
Vicmap AddressAddress Points
Vicmap AdminLocal Government Area, Locality, Parish, Postcode and Township
Vicmap Crown Land TenureTenure and Government Road
Vicmap Features of Interest (FoI)FoI Line and FoI Area
Vicmap HydroWater Channels
Vicmap IndexFramework Boundary
Vicmap PropertyParcel, Property, Road Casement, Easement, Annotation, CAD Area Bdy, CAD Point and CAD Line
Vicmap TransportAirport Area, Railway and Road

There is a data schema to support the Digital Cadastre Modernisation changes to Vicmap.

Refer to Vicmap change notice 272 for changes to the Vicmap Property data model:

When is the change happening?

Changes to Vicmap will commence in October 2022. The spatial upgrade to Vicmap will be rolled-out by Local Government Area.

To find out when your area will be updated you can visit the Vicmap Spatial Upgrade page where we will post up-to-date information about the timing of each upgraded area

For more information about DCM and how you can get ready for the new spatially upgraded Vicmap, see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

What do I need to do to get ready?

If your organisation manages business datasets that rely on Vicmap for positioning, then we recommend you use the Readiness Toolkit.

The toolkit will help you to better understand how the changes to Vicmap may affect your organisation and may assist you to create a change management plan for when your organisation is ready to start using the spatially improved Vicmap for your area of interest.

How do I use the Readiness Toolkit?

The Data Audit Template will help you identify your business datasets and the data managers or custodians in your organisation.

You may find it useful to complete an audit of your business datasets before you take the Readiness Index. This could also be completed after your first run through of the Readiness Index. You may require input from multiple data custodians in your organisation to understand the data holdings.

Download the Data Audit Template (Excel, 44.8 KB)

The Readiness Index is an online tool that will provide you with a point-in-time assessment of your organisation’s readiness for the upgraded Vicmap.

Make sure you generate the report at the end of the process and save it as a PDF for your reference.

There is no log-in requirement to complete the Readiness Index and we do not save your result. You will need to generate, download and save your own report locally every time you take the survey.

You can complete the Readiness Index multiple times. This means you can compare reports and track readiness over a period of time as part of your preparation to transitioning to the upgraded Vicmap.

We've added some FAQs about getting ready for a spatially improved Vicmap.

Page last updated: 17/08/23