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About eComply

Digital Twin Victoria is working with developers, building designers and building surveyors to introduce a new era of streamlined planning approvals using digital twin rules-as-code assessments.

eComply is an online 3D building compliance check that will instantly assess designs against selected planning and building codes. It is also the framework for digital permit assessment practices and methodologies, and the residential house BIM drafting guidelines.

A Proof of Concept video demonstrating how to upload a design for assessment and check compliance using eComply.

Project timeline

Over the last two years, Digital Twin Victoria has been working with prop-tech partner Archistar and the Victorian building industry to develop the framework and the first commercial solution - Archistar Comply.

  1. eComply proof of concept


  2. Building industry user testing


  3. Development site trial

    early 2023

  4. eComply assessment framework release


  5. Commercial roll out


eComply benefits

The current building design and approval process is very paper intensive and understanding building and planning codes is complex.

eComply can provide feedback on a digital house model in a matter of seconds, taking weeks off the approval process. Streamlining the housing approvals process will help cut red tape and get builders on site sooner.

The self-service eComply assessments also offer an opportunity for building professionals to learn how to comply with building and planning codes without needing to engage statutory planners or building surveyors to review house designs.

eComply will also help build new digital workforce capacity across the sector by standardising Building Information Modelling (BIM) for planning and building digital assessments. This will deliver sector-wide benefits from streamlining assessments to wider adoption of BIM in residential home development.

eComply pilot project

The eComply pilot project was a partnership between Development Victoria, Brimbank City Council, Office of Projects Victoria and the Victorian Building Authority. It was designed to assess digital building designs' compliance with the Small Lot Housing Code and the proposed Cairnlea Townhouse Code (CTC). The pilot was successfully delivered in 2021.  

The partnership engaged one of Australia's fastest growing proptech startups Archistar to help solve this historically complex process.

The eComply project is part of the Digital Twin Victoria program. Visit the DTV platform and read more on digital twin technology and initiatives from Land Use Victoria:

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