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The Survey Marks Enquiry Service (SMES) is an open-access database of all survey control mark information in Victoria. It includes options to search and download, as well as the ability to lodge new information or amendments.

SMES is also used by Surveyor-General  Victoria (SGV) to maintain Australia's geodetic and height datums – the Geocentric Datum of Australia 2020 (GDA2020), Geocentric Datum of Australia 1994 (GDA94) and the Australian Height Datum (AHD).

It includes:

  • the latest GDA2020 and former GDA94 coordinates, plus AHD height values resulting from ongoing network adjustments
  • estimates of horizontal and vertical positional uncertainty
  • additional survey mark information and metadata, such as mark status, observation techniques, source and adjustment details
  • underlying VicMap data to support interactive map searching
  • permanent mark sketch plans.

Read the fact sheet:

Visit SMES online

SMES User Guide

A comprehensive summary of functionality and survey control mark information available within SMES. The SMES User Guide highlights available tools and functionality to query and interact with survey control mark information. Additional background and detail is provided for survey control mark information available within SMES. Suggestions, step-by-step guidelines and screenshots are provided to support users interacting with SMES.

Topics include:

  • The evolution of a survey mark in SMES (from Non-SCN to SCN)
  • Common reasons for a rejection & how to fix them
  • Annotate and customise your own SMES map (to print or save as a PDF)
  • Open your SMES map location in Google Maps

Permanent mark sketch plan templates

Plan templates for the preparation of permanent mark sketch plans are available. They have been formatted to suit common CAD software packages. These include AutoCAD (DWG), LISCAD (LCD), Microstation (DGN), PDF, DOC and DXF.

Permanent mark sketch plan templates (ZIP, 464.4 KB)

Maintenance and enhancement of permanent marks

Permanent marks are stable reference points in the ground with accurately measured coordinate and height information. It is important that this valuable infrastructure is protected and maintained to support surveying of property boundaries, mapping and construction activities and to ensure minimal inconvenience to the public.

In new estate developments it is important that clearly identifiable permanent marks are installed and information about the permanent marks recorded in SMES.

SGV has prepared the following fact sheets to support councils, engineers and surveyors in the collaborative maintenance and enhancement of permanent marks in Victoria:

Submission of GNSS data

We encourage surveyors working with survey control marks in Victoria to submit GNSS data to SGV as outlined in this factsheet.

Sample GNSS field booking sheets help ensure all required observation information is provided.

The SMES webinar series

SGV provide online support and information sessions to users through the SMES webinar series.

The goals of the webinars were to showcase the current functionality of SMES, reach out to users and engage with them for feedback and future development.

All recordings and question and answer responses are provided in the individual sessions below:

Session 1: Overview of SMES functionality

Held 3 June 2020, 2 – 3 pm


Session 2: Technical discussion of SMES and future developments

Held 10 June 2020, 2 – 3 pm


Further information

For location and contact details for SMES, please contact SMES Support:

Email: smes.support@delwp.vic.gov.au

Telephone: (03) 9194 0770

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