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What is VES?

The Vicmap Editing Service (VES) is a notification and change management service that enables registered public users to advise the Department of Transport and Planning (DTP) of changes required to Vicmap core spatial data products.

VES provides information for users, including a series of Quick Guides.

How does it work?

VES enables users to notify DTP of errors in Vicmap datasets or to request changes to improve the accuracy of data.

This is done by raising a change request.

VES has custom workflows to ensure change requests are managed, tracked and monitored at every stage.

Launch VES

Local Government users

VES now includes an inbuilt change validator to verify critical property and address data provided by local government. Read more on the M1 Validator release.

Access the standard M1 form and find further information under M1 process.

Naming proposals

VES is also used to submit naming proposals to Geographic Names Victoria (GNV) to name or rename a road, feature or locality, or to amend a locality boundary.

Naming authorities such as councils use VES to submit their naming proposals to GNV.

For example; Local Government use VES to submit naming proposals for roads, geographic features (i.e. parks, reserves, playgrounds etc.) and localities.

Who can use VES?

Currently VES is only available to authorised users.

Downloadable information videos and a VES User Manual are available to assist VES users.

For more information

For any queries regarding the use of VES please contact Land Information and Spatial Services.

For more information on Vicmap spatial data, browse the Vicmap catalogue.

Page last updated: 16/08/23