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What is a property information certificate?

A property information certificate contains important land, building or planning information. 

Certificates may include information about: 

  • land valuations and rates 
  • building regulations 
  • water 
  • sewers and drains 
  • flood levels 
  • planning restrictions 
  • bushfire areas 
  • conservation 
  • heritage listings 
  • land tax 
  • VicRoads 

Property information certificates are used when a property is being bought or sold. Visit Consumer Affairs Victoria for information on buying and selling. 

We strongly recommend you talk to a conveyancer or lawyer to find out what you need to supply as a seller, or check if you are a buyer. Our how to get help page has information on how to find one. 

How to order a property information certificate

Normally, a conveyancer or lawyer will order certificates on your behalf. 

You can also order certificates yourself online through the LANDATA® and authorised information brokers. Our information about land titles page has contact details.

Page last updated: 11/07/23