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Request a valuation

Valuer-General Victoria (VGV) is excited to announce that we have transitioned to a digital system, which will be administered through the new VGV Valuation Portal (VVP). All requests for valuations will now be submitted through the VVP.

The VVP will improve the way we engage, communicate and deliver our services, making it easier for you to work with us. The VPP is an intuitive, user-friendly platform that provides transparency and up-to-date status for all of your requests.

Please contact VGV’s Going Digital Team for assistance with access to the VPP, access to training materials and user guides to assist you with the transition to our new portal.

For further information contact the VGV Going Digital VGV.goingdigital@delwp.vic.gov.au inbox.

Page last updated: 15/11/23