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A woman wearing a yellow high-visibility vest stands next to surveying equipment in front of a footpath and breaking waves on a beach.

About Surveying and geospatial science

Surveying and spatial sciences offer exciting opportunities to contribute to our communities and how we relate to our built and natural environments. With diverse career pathways and opportunities across the government, private and academic sectors, there are many ways to chart your own journey.

Surveying uses the science of measurement to map and collect information about the earth, its oceans, sky and land, natural and built environments. Surveyors collect survey observations or measurements using a variety of tools and instruments including remote sensing technology such as drones and laser scanners.

Geospatial science collects, analyses and models data based on a particular location, in natural and built environments, and then uses creative ways to map or represent the data in accessible and meaningful ways.

Surveying and spatial at Land Use Victoria

Land Use Victoria is the state’s key agency for land registration, spatial data services and maps, surveying, land valuation, geographic names, government land advice and assurance of government land transactions.

Our services contribute to building inclusive, safe and successful communities through better use of government land, the delivery of major infrastructure projects and the transition to new digital ways of working for a future-ready Victoria.

We offer exciting Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) career opportunities for people with an interest in a diverse range of land, environment and property-related areas.

At Land Use Victoria you can:

Make a difference to Victoria’s communities

  • Play a role in Victoria’s program of major projects and transport infrastructure.
  • Support emergency response and help protect Victoria’s environment through high-quality data for decision-making.

Explore Victoria

  • Use high-tech equipment for survey field work in locations around the state.
  • Help maintain Victoria’s GPS network through the Global Navigation Satellite System and ground stations.

Use cutting-edge technology

  • Create innovative spatial data products with machine-learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI).
  • Work with remote sensing technologies to capture drone, aerial and satellite imagery.
  • Be part of landmark digital programs such as Digital Twin Victoria – the most comprehensive digital model of Victoria ever assembled.

Surveying career pathways

These are just some of your options for careers in surveying at Land Use Victoria.

Geospatial career pathways

These are just some of the options for careers in geospatial at Land Use Victoria.

How can I get started?

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