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The Coordinated Imagery Program (CIP) is designed to facilitate government's imagery and elevation needs, reduce costs, avoid duplication and contract manage your project. CIP streamlines the acquisition, storage and access to aerial images and elevation products.

Instead of having to purchase images for a specific purpose, Purchase Partners can share images and use them again for a range of different purposes, from urban growth area planning, property views and asset management, through to tracking native vegetation.

Read more about Vicmap Imagery and Elevation data.

About the program

CIP is coordinating a three-year imagery plan to refresh aerial imagery across the state at varying levels of frequency based on recent demand. This approach aims to deliver increased value through greater coordination, cost and resource efficiencies, improved service delivery and clarity on project timelines and costs. This will enable better long-term planning for our partners.

View CIP three-year imagery plan 2023–2026:

Public organisations can join the program as a ‘CIP Contributor’ on an annual basis over a three-year period. CIP Contributors will gain:

  • access to all new imagery captured over your defined area of interest at the conclusion of the term ongoing
  • access online to the full CIP imagery archive
  • advice, project management and procurement services from the Coordinated Imagery Program team.

Join the program

To become involved in the program or to find out more, please email coordinated.imagery@delwp.vic.gov.au

If you are a public sector organisation in Victoria and your project need is not covered by the CIP Imagery Plan 2023–2026 (PDF, 1.2 MB), please submit a CIP ad-hoc project EOI requirement form (PDF, 582.8 KB), as ad-hoc requests can still be accommodated:

Private organisations can access imagery and elevation data held by CIP through one of our Data Service Providers.

Status of Current CIP Projects

This map shows progress of current photography and elevation projects CIP is engaged in.

CIP Imagery and Elevation Archive

Explore all photography and elevation projects in the CIP archive Access to the archive is available through the Coordinated Imagery Program.

Page last updated: 22/12/23