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Our ANZAC stories

Commemorating our staff and colleagues has never been more important.

One way we have done this is to uncover stories of war service and sacrifice of 138 of our former departmental colleagues.

In the Roll of Honour, you will find the names of decorated commanders, famous battalions, and infamous battles from World War 1 (1914-1918).

You will also find stories of great courage, sacrifice, remembrance of mates, and the quiet attention to duty.

These young men and women deserve our remembrance not only for what they did, but for who they were: ordinary young people who volunteered to serve their country in extreme circumstances.

This collection tells us more than stories of war service. It tells the stories of fellow public servants, proud Victorians – and above all – loved members of families and communities.

Download the Roll of Honour:

Four Malcolm siblings who enlisted in the First World War: Norman, Stella, Eric and Edith
Four Malcolm siblings who enlisted in the First World War: Norman, Stella, Eric and Edith. Norman worked with the Lands Department. The photo was taken around 1919 when they had all returned home.

About the Department of Crown Lands and Survey

The Department of Crown Lands and Survey was established in 1857, when the Office of the Surveyor-General Victoria and the Department of Crown Lands were amalgamated under the Board of Works.

The Office of Titles opened in 1862, when the Torrens title system was introduced into Victoria from South Australia.

The departments employed staff across a range of professional, clerical, and general roles, selected via the Public Service Examination.

When war broke out in 1913, the Lands Department employed 643 people: 288 temporary and 355 permanents. Staff at the Titles Office included legal examiners, clerks, draftsmen, surveyors and messengers.

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