23 May 2023

The Department of Transport and Planning has released a new suite of Vicmap 3D Buildings datasets through the ground-breaking Digital Twin Victoria (DTV) program, to help plan for a future-ready Victoria.

Having accurate and detailed information on Victoria’s built environment is crucial to managing changes for a growing population, ensuring future liveability and improving sustainability across Victoria’s cities and regions.

This data will help to improve decision-making by providing a trusted source of building outlines in major population centres across Victoria to inform planning, environmental, asset and risk management activities. This includes analysis of buildings in the context of each other and environmental features, building heights and proximity to boundaries.

This seamless 3D digital representation brings together licensed and open datasets to create the comprehensive Vicmap 3D Buildings suite available in the DTV platform. This powerful suite of datasets gives larger audiences than ever before access to state-wide buildings data in one online place.

View Vicmap 3D Buildings in the DTV platform

These high-quality datasets include ‘Metro Block Buildings’, a Vicmap product created with the help of machine-learning technologies. The buildings are highly accurate data for 2.46 million properties and 2.68 million building features, covering over 10,000 km2 across the Melbourne and Geelong area.

The machine-learning approach leverages rich Vicmap Imagery and Elevation datasets delivering high-quality building outlines faster and cheaper. This approach will make it possible to produce and maintain Victoria’s most comprehensive suite of state-wide buildings data into the future. Vicmap will continue to work with partners across the State to extend coverage of the machine-learning product.

The Vicmap 3D Buildings suite aligns to the Building and Settlements data theme within the Australia and New Zealand Land Information Council (ANZLIC) Foundational Spatial Data Framework (FSDF). This in turn aligns with the global United Nations (UN) Committee of Experts on Global Geospatial Information Management Building and Settlements theme. The UNGGIM’s themes recognise critical spatial datasets that are necessary to support the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Please contact vicmap@delwp.vic.gov.au to access the full suite of 2D and 3D buildings products.

  • Read more about the Vicmap Buildings products available for download, including levels of detail (LODs).

Vicmap 3D Buildings is being delivered through the Digital Twin Victoria program, a record $37.4 million investment by the Victorian Government in digital twin technology and spatial innovation that’s helping to revolutionise how we plan and manage our built and natural environments.

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