28 April 2021 (updated)

Your new place to search, buy and download more than 10,000 digital topographic maps of Victoria online is here.

The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) has launched a new portal to access Vicmap Topographic maps online.

It’s now easier than ever to find the maps you need for a range of community, emergency and government activities.

What’s new

Vicmap Topographic Maps Online brings improved search and discovery of Victoria’s authoritative state topographic maps.

You can easily search, buy and download more than 10,000 digital topographic maps of Victoria to your desktop or mobile device.

The powerful geolocator can locate a map by mapsheet name, mapsheet number, locality, address, park and reserve.

Your selected map can then be downloaded onto the desktop and opened in a PDF viewer or printed.All digital maps are in the GeoPDF format. This means you can locate where you are on the map.

Digital maps come in a range of standard sizes, scales and formats. To learn more, see products and publishing schedule.

Vicmap Topographic Maps Online + Vicmap Viewer

Use our desktop portal plus Vicmap Viewer mobile app together for even more mapping options:

  • Auto-synch your map libraries to access the same maps across your devices, without the need for internet
  • Use geolocation to find your exact position on the map, even when offline in remote areas

Custom maps now available

Our new custom maps option means you can create your own maps of anywhere in Victoria.

Users can create a map over Victoria at 12 different scales. Maps start at a 1:4 M state-wide view and go down to a 1:2 500 cadastral view to see individual property boundaries.

Custom maps can be created at A4 or A3 size optimised for print, in landscape or portrait layout. You can even add your own title to the map.

The generated maps are GeoPDFs so they can be downloaded onto mobile devices for use in the field without internet access.

View sample maps in how to access a map.

Who can use Vicmap Topographic Maps Online?

The new website is open to everyone, including the community, emergency services, government, education and the private sector.

Some uses of the maps include bushwalking, cycling, four-wheel driving, emergency management, flora and fauna surveys, military exercises, asset management and education.

Vicmap Topographic Maps Online makes it easier and faster to , discover and access maps for emergency services and government organisations.

The maps are available to emergency services, including volunteers, using a coupon code. Codes are issued to emergency organisations so members can access mapping at no cost during an emergency event.

For more than 45 years, Vicmap Topographic Maps have provided  authoritative mapping for Victoria. By accessing these maps via our new website, we can better serve the whole Victorian community.

The development of Vicmap Topographic Maps Online  and Vicmap Viewer is part of a program of digital transformation by the Victorian Government. We will continue to respond to changing customer needs through the delivery of online services.

Visit Vicmap Topographic Maps online

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