09 March 2022

The Digital Cadastre Modernisation (DCM) project is moving ahead at pace. We recently completed a successful pilot to integrate the spatially improved (adjusted) data into the Vicmap editing environment.

As spatially upgraded areas become ready for integration, stakeholders will be invited to view adjusted parcel boundary data in the DCM Integration Viewer prior to publication in Vicmap.

The Integration Viewer provides visualisation of the spatial upgrades that have come from digital cadastre modernisation. Contact digital.cadastre@delwp.vic.gov.au to find out more about viewing adjusted parcel boundary data as they become available.

To date, the project’s Surveying & Spatial Research team have resolved over 22,000 technical cadastral investigations and queries. As DCM is highly technical, there continues to be a lot of cadastral problem solving which makes the digital cadastre more complete and accurate.

In collaboration with project partner DSM Soft, 70% of the State’s land parcels have now been digitised from PDF plans and surveys. This work will be completed by February 2023.

As land parcels are digitised, this data is available for use by the spatial and surveying industry. You can access digitised land parcel data here.

The adjustment of digitised land parcels is also now accelerating at a rapid rate. Project delivery partners Spatial Vision have completed the initial adjustment of digitised parcels in 20 municipalities.

The DCM project is improving the spatial accuracy of Vicmap, Victoria’s suite of foundational spatial data. To keep up to date about upcoming changes to Vicmap products, subscribe to change notices.

Page last updated: 16/03/22