Explore Victoria’s statewide digital twin, now open for everyone to use.

11 August 2022

Victoria is embracing a new digital and data-driven future with the launch of the Digital Twin Victoria (DTV) platform - a digital replica of our state.

The Victorian Government has officially launched the platform, which has completed its first development phase. The platform is being built in partnership with Australia’s National Science Agency CSIRO.

The platform is one piece of the Digital Twin Victoria program, a record $37.4 million investment by the Victorian Government in digital twin technology and spatial innovation that’s helping to revolutionise how we plan and manage our built and natural environments.

The most comprehensive digital model ever assembled for Victoria, the DTV platform brings together masses of 2D, 3D and live data in a single online place.

With vast applications for projects large and small across industries, the DTV platform gives government, industry and the community more power than ever to make better data-led decisions, deliver faster and more efficiently.

It will help leave behind manual, labour-intensive and paper-based ways of doing things, building the digital foundations and skills needed to support a liveable and sustainable Victoria.

Launching the DTV platform is a significant milestone, but it’s just the beginning. The DTV platform will continue to evolve and build over time, with more data and user feedback unlocking a myriad of new opportunities across the digital economy.

Planners, engineers, developers and builders can use the DTV platform to visualise data, investigate the feasibility of proposals, troubleshoot issues and share complex information across workplaces and with decision-makers.

The DTV platform will also allow the planning and building industries to virtually manage a development precinct or project area. Using the platform tools, they can virtually model things like overshadowing and underground utilities, before shovel hits the ground.

The platform will help to fast-track smarter cities and regions. Councils will be able to bring together data visualisations with 3D building models, vegetation records, population statistics and local sensor data, making it easier to plan and manage towns and cities.

It provides easier access to environmental and historic data, allowing users to compare the past with the present, prepare for future events and track changes over time. This includes the opportunity to digitally traverse delicate habitats or remote locations you can’t get to on foot.

The DTV platform will also connect a new generation of tools like eComply being developed as part of the Digital Twin Victoria program, which demonstrate the power of automated decision-making using digital twin technology.

The DTV platform is built using CSIRO Data61 TerriaJS open-source technology.

Platform data highlights include:

The platform features a suite of tools to make it easy to visualise, compare and analyse spatial data, including to:

  • measure objects in the virtual world
  • explore at street level using pedestrian mode
  • use the timeline to see shadows moving through the day
  • save 3D data using our clipping tool
  • share views you’ve created with other users
  • use a slider to compare datasets

You can get started exploring Victoria’s statewide digital twin through a series of guided tours. View all platform experiences:

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