18 March 2024

The Victorian Government has released the eComply Framework that defines specifications for BIM-enabled digital compliance assessment practices.

Supporting builders, designers, land surveyors and related industries, eComply assists the development of 3D building compliance technology that can check building designs against selected planning and building codes.

The eComply Framework defines the specifications to model and assess building compliance using digital twin technology. It has been designed to build industry capability and encourage the broader adoption of digital building processes.

The framework consists of 3 specifications that help set common standards for digital building designs for residential home development:

Together these 3 specifications outline how the digital compliance assessment works, how to design a digital twin of your development site, and how to model your BIM designs for compliance assessment.

By providing the standards and specifications behind eComply, we hope to encourage the development and greater use of digital technology and broaden the adoption of digital building processes across the sector. To help us continue building a better product for industry, we invite you to tell us more about how your organisation uses BIM and the eComply Framework.

The eComply project has been delivered as part of the Digital Twin Victoria (DTV) program that’s helping to revolutionise how we plan and manage our built and natural environments.

Through the eComply Framework, DTV aims to make it easier for planning and regulatory technology companies to fast-track the introduction of digital compliance technology into their platforms and deliver efficiencies at scale.

The program is helping to set the digital foundations for a future-ready Victoria, using data to answer new questions and make better data-led decisions.

The eComply project has been delivered in partnership with Archistar, Development Victoria, the Victorian Planning Authority, the Victorian Building Authority the Department of Transport and Planning and Digital Twin Victoria.

Read more about the eComply Framework and DTV:

Page last updated: 25/03/24