29 November 2021

The transition to the Geocentric Datum of Australia 2020 (GDA2020) is in full swing across Australia and the time to move to the new datum is now. If you work with spatial data, we want to hear from you.

GDA2020 is the new official datum that underpins spatial information in Australia and replaces the old Geocentric Datum of Australia 1994 (GDA94).

GDA2020 is in the process of being adopted across Australia and Victoria. It will be the datum for the management of modern spatial products and services.

The transition to GDA2020 is central to the modernisation of the Australian Geospatial Reference System (AGRS), which will enable close alignment of spatial data and satellite positioning services such as GPS.

This enhanced alignment will ensure maximum benefit from ongoing advancements in positioning technology.

Victorian organisations are encouraged to participate in the Vicmap GDA2020 Transition Survey to help us better understand the challenges associated with transitioning to GDA2020 and understand your organisation’s support requirements.

The aim of the survey is to gain a better understanding of the progress of Victorian organisations in transitioning to GDA2020.

Currently, the following Vicmap and surveying products and services are available in GDA2020:

  • All downloadable data in DataShare
  • All downloadable data in Spatial Datamart
  • Vicmap Imagery (Capture)
  • Vicmap Topographic Maps (Vicmap Topo Online and Vicmap Viewer)
  • Vicmap Position GPSnet
  • Survey Marks Enquiry Service
  • ePlan (via SPEAR)
  • Vicmap IUF
  • Vicmap-as-a-Service (VaaS)
  • Vicmap Viewer

The remaining Vicmap spatial products and services will be rolled out in GDA2020 over the coming months:

  • Vicmap Basemaps
  • Vicmap Topographic Maps
  • Image Web Server
  • Vicmap Open Data Services (WMS/WFS)

We encourage all users of Vicmap and DELWP’s spatial products and services to participate in the GDA2020 Transition Survey. This short survey will take 5-7 minutes to complete and closes Friday 31 December 2021.

Open GDA2020 Transition Survey

You can subscribe to Vicmap Change Notices to receive updates on products and services moving to GDA2020.

Please email the Vicmap team for more information or questions about the transition survey or GDA2020 transition.

Read more about the Geocentric Datum of Australia and Vicmap:

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