13 December 2023

Digital Twin Victoria (DTV) is introducing next-generation DTV Portals capability, providing powerful new self-service features.

With your own digital twin portal you can quickly and securely bring your data together with the 4,000 plus rich digital assets already available in the DTV platform.

DTV Portals are a powerful tool for creating your own customised digital twin to visualise data and control the sharing across your team, organisation or even with the public. This helps to break down data silos, reduce duplication, and makes collaboration with stakeholders even easier.

Initially available for Victorian Government users, wider access to DTV Portals is planned for 2024. Work is also underway to deliver insights and support decision-making in emergency management, urban and regional planning, utilities, and infrastructure delivery.

The DTV platform is the most comprehensive digital model ever assembled for Victoria, bringing together masses of 2D, 3D and live data in a single online place open for everyone to use. DTV Portals now offer a tailored digital twin experience that makes it simple to share data privately within project teams or across organisations.

The DTV program is an investment in digital twin technology, geospatial data and spatial innovation that is helping to strengthen Victoria’s digital capabilities and set the digital foundations for a future-ready Victoria.

To find out what DTV Portals could do for your organisation, reach out to the Digital Twin Victoria team.

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Page last updated: 18/12/23