08 March 2022

High-quality geospatial imagery and elevation data are essential for enabling digital twin platforms and delivering a wide range of services. These include planning new communities and transport networks, delivering major infrastructure projects and providing emergency services and hazard management.

The new Geospatial Data and Analytics Panel (the panel) managed by DELWP extends on decades of experience within the Coordinated Imagery Program (CIP).

The panel, an initiative of the Digital Twin Victoria (DTV) Program, leverages the Department of Premier and Cabinet’s eServices Register State Purchase Contract to provide Victorian government buyers with a pre-qualified panel of suppliers for imagery, elevation data, and geospatial analytics.

Services covered by the panel include:

  • geospatial imagery data and services, including commercial satellite services
  • geospatial elevation and depth data and services
  • geospatial analytics, including feature extraction, machine learning algorithm development, 3D modelling of textured and untextured models, and geospatial process automation

The panel will streamline procurement processes and cut up to 30% off the time to contract work. It will enable greater efficiencies, drive strategic partnerships, and enable all of government to access the Coordinated Imagery Program’s expertise in managing data and contracts.

All departments and agencies under the remit of the Victorian Government Procurement Board are mandated to use this panel to procure the in-scope services. Use of the panel for all government projects was further endorsed by the Infrastructure Coordination Committee in November 2021.

Providers to the panel were assessed on their ability to deliver geospatial data and analytics services for Government and on factors including social procurement and environmental stewardship.

Examples of social procurement include purchasing from Victorian social enterprises, Victorian Aboriginal businesses, Victorian Australian Disability Enterprises, or sourcing from regional small and medium enterprises.

Across the panel, examples of social procurement and environmental stewardship are represented by organisations of all sizes. Inclusion of these metrics in the panel will help ensure the Victorian Government’s investments go further in the community.

For more information about the panel visit Buying for Victoria.

To purchase from the panel, email Coordinated Imagery Program.

To find out more about becoming a supplier, contact the panel.

Read more about the Digital Twin Victoria program:

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