August 16

The Digital Cadastral Modernisation (DCM) project is a step closer to creating a spatially improved Vicmap for customers.

In early July, the Vicmap team notified customers of proposed changes to the data model for Vicmap Property. Refer to change notices for more information.

The data model is the shelving that will hold the rich repository of digitised information about Victoria’s property boundaries being generated by DCM. The first local government area of spatially improved data is expected to be published through Vicmap in late 2021.

Through the DCM investment, the suite of Vicmap products will be significantly improved with respect to their absolute spatial accuracy. This will enable Vicmap customers to achieve workflow efficiencies through direct capture of assets and overlaying them on the foundation data sets, without the requirement to move them to match the Vicmap data representation.

It also moves the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning closer to the vision of automated maintenance, providing an opportunity for significant efficiency gains in the Vicmap maintenance process.

The investment in the Digital Cadastral Modernisation (DCM) project will bring the rich repository of Victoria’s property boundaries into the digital age, ensuring that one of the state’s most important datasets is accurate, modern, and easily accessible.

If you would like further information, please email the Vicmap team.

Page last updated: 11/07/23