A black and grey background made of angular shapes with white logos over the top that read Digital Twin Victoria and DataVic.
Digital Twin Victoria and DataVic

15 November 2023

They say a picture tells a thousand words, and now Digital Twin Victoria (DTV) has brought interactive previews of spatial data straight from the DTV platform into the DataVic catalogue.

The capability provides real benefits for GIS specialists and non-technical users alike. Alongside each spatial dataset’s description, a visualisation allows you to zoom and pan to better understand what is available.

When download is not a convenient option, the data preview and access to technical attributes and metadata can help decide whether it’s fit for purpose.

To take a closer look, click through to load the dataset in the full DTV platform, with even more options to explore the data alongside more than 4,000 local, state and national datasets already available.

A black background with two halves of a web page overlayed over the top. The right hand side shows the top half of a DataVic product page displaying the Vicmap Planning Scheme Zone Polygon with a list of Data and resource files and their download links. The right hand side shows the second half of the web page featuring a Map preview of the data which is centred over Melbourne and Port Phillip, with a table at the very bottom listing technical details about the data.
A preview of Vicmap planning zones data from the DTV platform when you explore spatial data in the DataVic catalogue.

The DTV platform is the most comprehensive digital model ever assembled for Victoria. It brings together masses of 2D, 3D and live data in a single online place open for everyone to use.

The platform also gives government, industry, research groups and community more power to compare, analyse and share information about our built and natural environment than ever before.

The platform is one part of the Digital Twin Victoria Program’s record $37.4 million investment in digital twin technology, geospatial data and innovation over 4 years. The program is helping to set the digital foundations for a future-ready Victoria, using data to answer new questions and make better data-led decisions.

Email the team to find out more about how you can benefit from using the DTV platform.

Page last updated: 28/11/23